During the trading session on Monday, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) maintained its declining trend, touching Rs194, its worst rate versus the US dollar. At the interbank, the greenback strengthened by Rs1.47 during the trading hours.

The General Secretary of the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan, Zafar Paracha said that the greenback climbed by Rs11.07 since the new government took government, while debt has increased by Rs1,400 billion due to the disparity.

Pakistani currency lost 3.1 per cent of its value against the US dollar in the previous week in the interbank market, with Pakistan’s currency hitting new record lows to end the week at Rs192.53, its worst closing in history.


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The local currency fell in value across the board as concerns about the economy, declining foreign currency reserves, and worsening trade imbalance intensified. Concerns over the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme have also caused fear and speculation in the market.