The Pakistani rupee continued to exhibit strength against the US dollar, marking a 0.36 per cent gain in the inter-bank market on Wednesday. Remarkably, this marks the rupee’s 16th consecutive appreciation against the greenback.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the rupee settled at Rs288.75, reflecting an increase of Rs1.05 in the inter-bank market. This follows a 0.37 per cent appreciation observed on Tuesday, settling at Rs289.80.

Over the past days, the rupee has consistently followed an upward trajectory, showcasing a remarkable recovery of over 6 per cent since reaching a historic low of Rs307.1 against the US dollar in the inter-bank market on September 5.


On the global stage, the US dollar maintained its robust position, trading near a 10-month high against major currencies on Wednesday. This situation is underpinned by the persistent elevation of Treasury yields, driven by expectations of sustained higher US interest rates. Concurrently, the yen faced challenges as it edged closer to a critical intervention threshold.

Recent statements from Federal Reserve officials have hinted at the possibility of further interest rate hikes, despite the central bank’s decision to hold rates steady the previous week. This has led to an ascent in US Treasury yields to levels not seen in several years, as financial markets recalibrate their expectations regarding the potential peak of US rates and the likelihood of a prolonged period of tight monetary conditions.

The US dollar index, a gauge of its strength, recently stood at 106.20, having reached a 10-month peak of 106.26 in the preceding session. Meanwhile, the euro remained subdued, hovering close to a six-month low and trading at approximately $1.0569.