Is the summer heat getting to you or your work stressing you out? If the answer is yes, then it might be time for a short vacay. And where better to go than Pakistan’s infamous galiyat. After all, it also Prime Minister Imran Khan’s favourite mini vacation spot. According to recent reports, the PM had gone for a short trip just last weekend.

Here are a list of hotels and guest houses where you can stay if you’re planning to head North this weekend.

Note: All the prices are for one room that can be availed by two adults and for one night stay.


Nathia Hills Hotel

Price: 9000/night

Location: Nathia Gali

Rooms left: 2

Rating: N/A

PC Bhurban

Price: 18,000/night (Breakfast included)

Location: 2 miles away from Nathia Gali

Rooms left: 1

Rating/Review: 4.0 – Very good

PC Bhurban

The Grand@ Gharial   

Price: Rs 6000/night

Rooms left: 2

Location: 4 miles away from Nathia Gali

Ratings/Reviews: N/A

Hotel One

Price: Rs 10,000 (Breakfast included)

Rooms left: 7

Location: 7 miles from Nathia Gali

Rating/Review: 4.0 – Very good

Shangrila Hotel and Resort:

Price: Rs 1,350 (Breakfast included)

Rooms left: 5

Location: 8 miles away from Nathia Gali

Ratings/Reviews: 3.5 – Good