A plane made an emergency landing after a drunk woman broke a window during the flight. She was reportedly upset because her boyfriend broke up with her. The incident occurred last month during a domestic Loong Airlines flight in China.

As per reports, 29-year-old Li “lost control of her emotions” on the flight on May 25.

Photos doing rounds on social media show Li crying on her seat and striking the glass window even as squad members and other passengers tried to restrain and calm her. She cracked the first layer of the plane window by hitting it repeatedly.


After the woman broke the window, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. The plane was supposed to travel from Xining to the coastal city of Yancheng. However, the pilot was forced to make an emergency stop in Zhengzhou.

Image credit: Weibo.com

Zhengzhou police said that Li’s boyfriend had ended the relationship which resulted in the outburst of emotions. They said that Li had consumed half a liter of the Chinese grain alcohol known as ‘baijiu‘ before boarding the flight. The beverage has an alcohol volume of between 35 to 60 percent.

Luckily, nobody was hurt during the mid-air scare. Crew passengers managed to confine the woman before the plane touched down in Zhengzhou, where she was detained by police.

Her blood alcohol content was measured at 160mg/100ml. Police have not revealed how long the woman was remanded in custody for, or whether she will be fined for damaging the aircraft.