Miftah Ismail, General Secretary of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in Sindh, recently took to Twitter, saying that Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has restricted fuel supplies to Independent Power Projects (IPPs), potentially resulting in significant load shedding in the coming week.

He directly accused Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan of the impending power outage, writing that it is the result of his incompetence, corruption, falsehoods, and “lust for power: that has gotten the country into such a mess.

After an hour, Former Energy Minister, Hammad Azhar responded to Ismail’s tweet, calling it “Fake news” and claiming that he had checked with PSO and there had been no such supply cuts notified for IPPs.


“My statement regarding IK’s corruption (Farah), incompetence (Buzdar), lying (Sh Rasheed) & hunger for power (Suri) is valid,” Ismail responded with a strange tweet to cover up his incorrect finding about PSO.


It is worth noting that PSO serves a diverse range of customers, including Pakistan’s industrial sector, several power projects, aviation, and maritime sectors. On a daily basis, the company meets the POL needs of millions of clients.

Apart from selling oil to Pakistan’s power utilities, such as K-Electric and Wapda, PSO is the primary supplier of furnace oil to all IPPs in the country, with a local market share of more than 80 per cent.