The police on Tuesday arrested a man in Faisalabad for throwing his four children into a canal at Sheikhupura Road.

According to details, the man had an argument with his wife four days ago over not having new Eid clothes for their children.

In a fit of rage, the man took the children and threw them into the canal. Meanwhile, he made his wife believe that he had left them with relatives, said the police.


When the children did not return, the mother after four days filed a complaint against her husband.

The police said that when they detained the man, “he confessed to the crime and said he had thrown them into the Bhhikhi canal”.

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District Police Officer Mubashir Maikan said that the children were as young as seven, four, and two, with the youngest being only a year old. Three were girls and one a boy.

The police added that the man, in his statement to the police, also “cast aspersions on his wife’s character”.

Maikan said that an operation to search the bodies of the children is underway.