Sony is set to introduce a new addition to its gaming lineup later this year with the official launch of the portable PlayStation device, the PlayStation Portal remote player.

This handheld gadget is designed to enable seamless streaming of PS5 games over Wi-Fi, boasting an impressive eight-inch LCD screen that supports a crystal-clear 1080p resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. For eager gamers, the PlayStation Portal is anticipated to hit the market later this year, accompanied by a price tag of $199.99.

Hideaki Nishino, the senior vice president of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, elaborated on the innovative features of the PlayStation Portal. He emphasised that the device will facilitate a remote connection to the PS5 through Wi-Fi, granting players the convenience of swiftly transitioning between gaming on their PS5 and the PlayStation Portal.


With compatibility to play supported games installed on the PS5 console and the utilisation of the DualSense controller, the PlayStation Portal promises an immersive gaming experience beyond traditional boundaries.

Drawing design inspiration from Sony’s acclaimed PS5 DualSense controllers, the PlayStation Portal showcases prominent controllers on both sides. These controllers boast adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, ensuring that the gameplay experience mirrors the sensation of using a dedicated DualSense controller.

Beyond gaming, the PlayStation Portal extends its capabilities to media playback, offering a dedicated section on the homescreen that mirrors content from the PS5. However, it’s important to note that local execution of applications is not supported, making a Wi-Fi connection a prerequisite for usage.

Regrettably, the PlayStation Portal lacks Bluetooth functionality, which means that wireless headphones and Sony’s Pulse 3D headset cannot be paired with it. Instead, Sony has introduced the proprietary PlayStation Link wireless technology, designed to provide low-latency, lossless audio transmission. In response to this, Sony is also launching a range of wireless headsets and earbuds that are compatible with PlayStation Link technology.

Although these can be used with a PS5 through a USB adapter, there are indications that future PS5 models, potentially including a rumoured “Slim” version, could seamlessly integrate the PlayStation Link standard. Notably, third-party manufacturers will also have the opportunity to incorporate the PlayStation Link standard into their products. As a nod to versatility, the PlayStation Portal features a 3.5mm headphone jack to accommodate wired audio preferences.

Intriguingly, details regarding the battery size of the PlayStation Portal remain unconfirmed. This leaves us eagerly anticipating the announcement of its battery life, which is projected to be in the ballpark of the DualSense controller’s runtime—approximately seven to nine hours, according to sources.

The PlayStation Portal, previously codenamed Project Q, was unveiled under its official name in May. Although a specific release date remains undisclosed, the device is rumoured to make its market debut in November. As the anticipation builds, the PlayStation community can look forward to the upcoming launch of the PlayStation Portal, available at a competitive price of $199.99.