A private bank has fired an employee for abusing journalist Hasan Zaidi during a Twitter spat earlier this week.

As per the details, the bank’s Financial Reporting Unit head Fazeel Tajammul was fired after Zaidi reported him for abusing.

Tagging the bank in his tweets with screenshots of Tajammul’s abusive remarks, Zaidi had urged the bank to take action against him.


Zaidi also shared multiple similar tweets by the bank employee, which took the micro-blogging website by storm with people urging the bank to sack Tajammul.

The campaign followed an official statement from the bank, wherein it announced having taken the “appropriate action” against Tajammul.

Meanwhile, Twitterati are criticising Zaidi as well as the bank for the move, calling it unfair.  They allege that the journalist “used his influence to get Tajammul sacked”.


Some are also seeking Zaidi’s removal for some of his abusive remarks.


Tajammul, for the time being, has deactivated his Twitter handle.