With the government announcing that all exams are cancelled until June 15, students are now demanding School Assessed Grades. In this regard, Jibran Nasir who has been a vocal advocate for the student throughout shared a screenshot of an email written to students by the CEO of Cedar College Karachi to inform them that schools in the city are uniting for a joint effort to get School Assessed Grades option for students.

“In a situation that is evolving rapidly, I am happy to report that in the meeting that we had with school leaders of O’ and A’ Level schools from across Karachi, we reached a unanimous decision to write Cambridge International as one unified block requesting that they give our students the option to op for school/teacher assesses grades for the June 2021 exam series,” read the email.

The email further stated, “We hope that the fact that we are all speaking with one voice, and have one message will have a greater impact on Cambridge International with respect to allowing Pakistani students the option of taking school assessed grades.”


“May this become a nationwide effort. Schools are filling shoes of [the] government as Education Minister remains absent,” wrote Jibran in the caption.

Jibran Nasir also shared names of other private schools who are in favour of School Assesses Grades and requested other schools to do the same.

Students have been demanding Teacher and School Assessed Grades with the hashtags #ShafqatDestroysOurCareer and #ResignShafqatMahmood trending on social media. They argue that their study schedules have been disrupted because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.