Take some tips from Priyanka Chopra for a happy marriage.

“Secret behind a good marriage?” said Chopra while speaking to Vogue Australia. “I am just two years in, so I would be able to tell you only so much. According to me, it is conversation.”

“Actually sitting down, being able to speak to each other and spend time with each other. And actually enjoy it all,” added Chopra-Jonas.


Priyanka got married to Nick Jonas in December 2018 in two grand ceremonies.

When asked about how she managed to plan the “world’s most epic wedding,” Chopra said: “The secret behind [the] world’s most epic wedding was doing it in two months.”

“Because we did not have time to think about anything. So, by the time it was done, it was just perfect, epic,” she added.

Priyanka and Nick first got in touch via Twitter and soon started speaking to each other over text and Whatsapp. Their first meeting took place at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in 2017 following which they met in Los Angeles, where they watched Beauty and the Beast at the Hollywood Bowl.

Chopra recently flew to LA from London to be by her husband’s side after he broke a rib and helped him present at the Billboard Music Awards (BMAs).

Meanwhile, Priyanka also opened up about the failures she has faced in her professional life.

“No one only wins. I’ve lost many battles. I’ve done many, many movies that no one has watched. It’s what you do after failures that defines you. To me, life is a ladder. It’s never a destination,” remarked the star.

Priyanka also said that she works hard so that the generation after her wouldn’t have to.

“We as Asians have always been taught that you’ve got to run faster than everyone to get where you’re going,” said Chopra. “I wanted to be seen as a mainstream leading lady, and not be boxed into the stereotype I saw a lot of, that required 10 years of work…and finally, I feel like I’ve been able to get to a place where I am doing that.”

“I think the responsibility is to constantly push the goalposts, not just for yourself, but for everyone who comes after you. For the next generation of South Asian talent, I want it not to take 10 years for them to get the roles that they want,” added the actor.

Priyanka has a string of releases lined up including Text For You co-starring Sam Heughan and Keanu Reeves’ Matrix 4. She is also working on her own production Citadel.