The Malaysian SUV Proton X70 was introduced in Pakistan in December 2020. Still, there are very few vehicles observed running on Pakistani roads, implying that the low-cost SUV may have failed in the country’s auto market.

The SUV reached Pakistan at a difficult period when there were several import restrictions due to COVID-19 lockdowns, which hampered deliveries of the new Malaysian entrant in Pakistan’s burgeoning auto sector.

Proton imported the X70 units in Pakistan when deliveries resumed as Malaysian facilities reopened. In fact, the company revealed at the beginning of this year that it had begun assembling the SUV in its local plant. The automaker even stated that it is restarting production at full capacity, which relieved some of its customers; nonetheless, buyers disclosed that they were not receiving the SUV on time.


Unfortunately, a number of consumers who valued the business and ordered the vehicle are still waiting, including those who booked the latter about a year ago, and some have even cancelled their orders and gone for alternative options in the market that offer a quicker delivery.

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Being a new brand, the business could have taken a more strategic approach, as the Pakistani automobile market is dominated by Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki, brands that Pakistanis have tried and tested for years.