Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Barrister Gohar Khan, has announced plans for a peaceful protest nationwide on Saturday (Feb 17) to highlight what he perceives as the “marginalization” of the PTI.

“We are extending invitations to all political parties, including the GDA, JI, JUI-F, TLP, ANP, or any other party that shares our concerns regarding the change in mandate and electoral rigging,” he stated.

Gohar emphasized the peaceful nature of the protest and urged the public to join in. “These elections were crucial, and we are determined not to let our mandate be usurped,” he asserted.


Regarding speculation about talks with the PPP, Gohar dismissed such reports.

Furthermore, he announced that Mian Aslam will be PTI’s candidate for the position of Punjab’s chief minister. He also revealed Salar Khan as the candidate for Balochistan chief minister and Aqibullah Khan as the nominee for the speaker of the KP Assembly.

Gohar assured the media that announcements of candidates for National Assembly speaker and deputy speaker would follow soon.

As per Sher Azal Marwat, Imran Khan asked him to tell Pakistanis that their freedom has been taken away from them. He further added that if rigging can be done this way then the public won’t even have the power to vote in upcoming elections.

He said, “The vote was stolen so that a criminal money laundering syndicate could be imposed on Pakistan.”

Imran Khan also said that there can be no financial stability without political stability and remittances from overseas Pakistanis can stabilize Pakistan.

Refuting rumors of forming a government with the PML-N, PPP, PTI-B and MQM-P, Gohar reiterated PTI’s commitment to not engage in power-sharing with these parties. He emphasized that PTI’s politics revolve around serving the public and upholding the mandate and democracy.

“We will continue to offer strong opposition until we secure the full mandate, although we are in a position to form governments in Punjab, KP, and at the Centre,” Gohar asserted.

He urged the Election Commission of Pakistan and the judiciary to expedite the PTI’s cases and address what he termed as “fake mandate,” claiming that PTI had won 180 seats according to their records.