On Tuesday night, Jahangir Khan Tareen hosted a dinner at his residence and announced a ‘group of like-minded people’. The newly formed group has appointed PTI’s Raja Riaz as Parliamentary Leader in the National Assembly while PML-N’s Saeed Akbar Nawani will lead in the Punjab Assembly.

PTI’s Nazir Chohan has claimed that the new JKT party has eight members of the National Assembly and 32 members of the Provincial assembly with them. However, the names of the members of the ‘like-minded’ group are yet to be revealed.

He further added that the whole group will resign if any of their members are disqualified.


A few hours after the news broke, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s close aide, Senator Faisal Javed Khan in a tweet wrote, “Imran Khan is PTI and PTI is Imran Khan,” which started speculation on social media that the tweet referred to the official breakup between JKT and PM Khan and the signalling of a new party.

Following the sugar inquiry commission report last year, the friendship between Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT) and Imran Khan ended with JKT leaving for London and returning with rumours that he was leaving the party.