Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) released the party’s performance since it came into power three years ago. The party under its manifesto of ‘Justice, humanity, and selflessness’ claims to have served the people of Pakistan.


From prioritising economic diplomacy to highlighting Kashmir’s cause on all international forums, Pakistan witnessed an increase in its global and regional relevance in the past three years.

PTI in its past three years has been countering Islamophobia. The party has been a long-term facilitator of the peace process in Afghanistan.


The party claims to be aggressively active in exposing the Hindutva Agenda.

Ehsaas programme:

The Ehsaas programme has emerged as the largest social protection programme in history by benefiting almost half of the country’s population. ‘Ehsaas Emergency Cash’ has been declared as the third largest social protection programme in the world.

The World Bank has listed the Ehsaas Emergency Cash programme among the top four social protection interventions globally in terms of the number of people covered. The programme distributed cash among 15 million underprivileged families after they suffered financially due to Covid-19 related lockdowns.


As per PTI’s claims, the government has done revolutionary initiatives for the education sector.

A uniform education system has been introduced in the country under the Prime Minister’s auspices. The Single National Curriculum (SNC) has been approved and made functional in the country for students from Grade 1 through 5. One system of Education for all, in terms of curriculum, medium of instruction, and a common platform of assessment so that all children have fair and equal opportunities when it comes to receiving a high-quality education.

Climate Change:

In the climate change battle, Pakistan has emerged as an inspiration to the world over the course of the last three years. Pakistan has devised peculiar strategies to deal with environmental challenges.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Climate Change, the PTI government has been devoted to protecting the environment. From working on ‘Pakistan Clean Air Program’ to ‘Sustainable Forest Management’, PTI praised itself for the work it has done in this department.

Pakistan launched a number of initiatives including a landmark “10-Billion Tree Tsunami” project that earned global acclaim.


Completing its three years in power, PTI claims to have done tremendous work for the restoration of green belts of ICT, Anti-Encroachment Drive, enhanced capacity of Panah Gahs, online token tax payment, and claim that they are some of the major achievements of the Interior Ministry.

Digital Pakistan:

Taking credit for the digital transformation of state media project, initiated by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, in view of the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for a Digital Pakistan, PTI states to have done landmark work towards the digitalisation and modernisation of state media.

Electoral reforms:

Electoral reforms, electronic voting, and the voting process for overseas Pakistanis have been major projects spearheaded by PTI. The party has successfully launched electronic voting to aid the process of having smooth and transparent elections.

To promote transparency and prevent fraud in the elections, the government has developed a model of the electronic voting machine and submitted it for testing.

The government states that it has done historic work to address the problems of overseas Pakistanis.


Shining through its three years, PTI’s Ministry of Science and Technology helped manufacturing of agricultural and police drones, locally manufactured ventilators, PPAs, sanitisers, diagnostic kits, and biomedical equipment for Covid-19 protection.

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) led by Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar did a commendable job combating the deadly virus. Covid-19 exposed the terrible state of the health sector but NCOC managed to prop up systems on a war-footing to cope with the emergency.