Pakistan Television (PTV) Sports channel’s Twitter account has claimed that the Facebook account body shaming Azam Khan is fake and PTV management will take strict action against the fake account.

“In response to speculation circulating regarding Pakistan Television Corporation’s social media handles body shaming a Pakistani cricket player, this is to notify that the handle perpetuating this act is fake and does not belong to PTV,” tweeted PTV Sports.

In another tweet, PTV Sports added: “Further the PTV management has taken notice of the malicious post impersonating PTV, and will be approaching PTA & other concerned authorities to take strict action against the fake account spreading disrepute on PTV.”


“As the National Broadcaster of Pakistan, we are cognisant of our responsibilities, and will always hold true to the aspirations of the people of the country & continue the positive projection of Pakistan to the world,” concluded the Twitter account of sports broadcasting channel.

Earlier, Pakistani celebrities like Adnan Siddiqui, Faysal Quraishi, Haroon Shahid among other big names turned to their social media to call out the insensitive remarks by the sports channel’s social media account.

Meanwhile, the post was later deleted from the imposter Facebook account.