In Balochistan’s capital of Quetta, a shortage of flour has led to skyrocketing prices for 20kg bags of the commodity. According to reports, profiteers are taking advantage of the situation and selling flour bags for between Rs2,640 to Rs2,800 in Quetta and surrounding areas.

The residents of Quetta are frustrated that they are unable to obtain flour at the government’s fixed rate and are instead forced to pay an excessive price. They are calling on the provincial government to take action against the profiteers and ensure the availability of flour.

According to ARY News, the President of Flour Mills Association Balochistan, Nasir Agha, has also weighed in on the crisis. He stated that the supply of wheat to the mills has been suspended for the last ten days, and he blamed the incompetence of the Balochistan food department for the current situation.


With prices for flour continuing to rise, it remains to be seen how the provincial government will respond to the demands of the residents and the Flour Mills Association.