During the holy month of Ramzan, the price of vegetables and fruits in Quetta rocketed instead of decreasing. Tomatoes, which were previously selling for Rs120 per kilogramme in the vegetable market are now being sold at Rs160.

Some other reports even suggest that a few shopkeepers were selling tomatoes for up to Rs190, minting money directly in front of the district administration’s eyes.

Ladyfinger which was sold at Rs240, is now available for Rs280, potatoes, and onions after getting a hike of Rs10 are being sold at Rs50 and Rs60, respectively. Ginger, lemon, and garlic are now priced between Rs300 to Rs320.


The government of Balochistan has not set up any Ramzan or ‘Sasta bazaar’ this year to facilitate citizens during the holy month of fasting. Formerly, district governments held Ramazan bazaars on the orders of provincial governments to assist the people.

Previously, the Quetta administration had issued shops with a detailed list of commodities and their pricing. The shop owners, on the other hand, are not obeying the administration’s directives and selling items at their desired rate. These artificial rates have multiplied the problems of the common man.