The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department has submitted a challan in court against singer Rabi Pirzada for taking pictures and videos with reptiles including snakes and crocodiles and keeping them at her salon in Lahore.

Under the Punjab Wildlife (Protection, Conservation and Management) Act of 1974 possession of these animals is considered illegal and can lead up to imprisonment and fine.

Rabi’s reptile collection came to light on September 2 when she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel in which she can be seen with the snakes and a crocodile in the frame.


She starts the video by saying that a Kashmiri woman and her snakes are ready to take on India and all these gifts are for Indian PM Narendra Modi and her reptiles will feast on him.

Following the media reports, Rabi took to Twitter to say that she was being framed by “Modi’s friends” because she spoke up for Kashmir. Rabi asserted that she has been shooting with animals for the past five years but no one took notice of it till now.

Previously, Rabi had also released a song with her snakes and a crocodile.