Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, has said that the Asia Cup will not be held at a neutral venue.

“India is not coming, I can understand. But to take the Asia Cup away from us is not right. There’s no reason why India can’t c

ome to Pakistan and Pakistan go to India,” he said.


Raja also urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other top cricket nations to adopt a fair stance rather than staying quiet on important matters.


“I think the ICC have got to think more out of the box. I’m not just looking at India and Pakistan, but the England Cricket Board and Australian Cricket Board, neutral boards who have held important positions who can be fair regarding an issue. But when they keep quiet it frustrates me completely,” he stated.

“You have to be emotionally engaged in our concerns. If somebody crosses the line they need to be told and not brushed under the carpet,” he stressed.
Earlier, Ramiz said Pakistan will boycott the ICC World Cup 2023 if India refuses to visit Pakistan for the upcoming Asia Cup.