Actor Iffat Omar recently appeared on Naumaan Ijaz’s show G Sarkar on which the Dour diva pressed on the fact that the Turkish history is not Pakistani history and urged the government to instead invest on promoting out scientists- the actual Pakistani heroes.

“They [Turks] invaded us. Understand this. We do not need fictional characters, we need stories about scientists. There’s not a single mathematician, a scientist in Pakistan that is known world over,” asserted Omar.

Speaking further about the upcoming Pak-Turk collaboration on an upcoming series on Salahuddin Ayyubi also featuring Adnan Siddiqui and several Turkish actors, Omar iterated that Ayyubi is not a Pakistani hero.


the role of salahuddin ayyubi has previously been essayed by syrian actor ghassan massoud in 2005 s kingdom of heaven

“He [Salahuddin Ayyubi] is not our hero,” she asserted. “This has been indoctrinated in Pakistanis since our country has been formed. We think of ourselves as superiors. Our history is of sub-continent, we need to endorse that. Our history isn’t of Turkey.”

Comedian and actor Faizan Sheikh took to his Instagram stories to school the senior actress.