Yasir Hussain, who never shies away from expressing his love for wife Iqra Aziz, has publicly appreciated his wife and mother-in-law for being empowered women.

“My beautiful wife Iqra with her proud mother Asiya Aziz (Pakistan’s first female Careem driver) sitting in her daughter’s new car,” said Yasir, while posting a picture of the duo.

“Powerful aurton k chehry pe alag hi glow hota hai (powerful women glow differently),” said the actor further, adding: “Apni maon, behnon, betiyon aur biwi ko roknay walay insecure hotay hain, mard nahi (Those who stop their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives [from excelling] are insecure. They are not real men).”


Replying to Yasir’s post, Iqra said: “And this is why I fall for you all over again.”

Iqra’s mother was Pakistan’s first female cab driver in Karachi and raised two girls as a single parent.

Meanwhile, Iqra on several occasions has opened up on her relationship with Yasir saying that he is her biggest support and encourages her to achieve her goals.

“I chose Yasir because he always speaks the truth and does not differentiate among people,” the actor had said. “He respects everyone and gives them their due credit. In addition to this, he knows how to respect a woman. After my mother and sister, no one has given me more confidence than him.”

She further said: “This is important in these times that a man, your husband, supports you in your work, your dreams and wishes to see you succeed in your life.”