Evolutions in technology have changed our lives in more ways than one and it is only natural that the beauty industry has also been swept in the wave of technological revolution. Here are some of the beauty world’s most exciting and unusual innovations.

These might not be available in Pakistan but if you can afford them, you can most likely get them from abroad. These are tried and tested by Pakistanis who swear that they are worth the price.

  1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
The Superstar

The holy grail of all hair dryers right now, the Dyson SuperSonic is every hair loving girl’s dream. Priced at a whopping Rs. 56,500, it isn’t cheap but is it worth the splurge?


Most users believe that it is. It dries your hair within seconds, giving your hair volume and shine at the same time. So even if you aren’t a regular hair dryer user, you might become one, once you use the Dyson.

2. Drybar’s ‘The Tress Press’ Digital Styling Iron

Straighten Me Out

Drybar was relatively unknown until recently when its straightening iron started getting rave reviews. Considering it costs, Rs. 21,500 it might be difficult to explain to someone (and yourself) why you need it. But straightening addicts swear by it. The iron heats up super fast and the best thing is that doesn’t damage your hair as much as other straighteners.

3. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangable Styling Wand Set

Jack of all

At Rs. 54,500, the price of T3’s Whirl Trio is enough to leave you staggering but it is totally worth the price, especially if you’re obsessed with curling your hair. The styling wand has three different barrels, all of which give different volume, definition and finish. And the best part is that the curls last forever.

4. Foreo Facial Spa Massager

Foreo Luna 2

All of us want flawless and fabulous skin but the reality is that most of us end up having little to no time to hit the spa or parlour for a facial. Foreo has made life a wee bit easy for us with this LUNA 2, a facial spa massager. The device which costs Rs. 25,000, gives you a spa treatment at your home within minutes. It fits into the palm of your hand, and powerfully yet gently deep cleanses your face. Say hello to fresh, glowing skin!

5. Gold Sculpting Bar by Jillian Dempsey

Gold Sculpting Bar

Love chiselled cheekbones but can’t seem to get the hang of contouring despite watching countless tutorials? In that case, this Gold Sculpting Bar by Jillian Dempsey is made for you. This T-shaped, gold-plated, vibrating bar instantly lifts and contours skin for a sleek look. The Japanese product, priced at Rs. 29,000, also helps revive tired, puffy-looking skin. Most users are in love with the product and say that it is easy to use, relaxes skin muscles and gives instant firmness to the skin.

If you have any of these, or any other interesting beauty gadgets, send us your reviews and we’ll add them to our article.