Lahore residents are forced to pay high prices for basic food items since a number of store owners refuse to sell basic items at the government-recommended price list.

Those who complain about price violations are asked to shop elsewhere where the items are offered at legal prices.

The price of chicken was recently cut by Rs5 per kg to Rs226 per kg, which is being sold at Rs250–Rs280 per kg. The price of chicken meat was decreased by Rs8 per kg, to Rs339 per kg, while it is being sold at Rs360–Rs600 per kg.


Although cucumber farm prices were reduced by Rs35 and maintained at between Rs35 and Rs37 per kg, they are now being sold for over double that amount. Cucumber is currently available for Rs70-Rs80 in different areas of Lahore.

Local lemon prices increased by Rs10 per kg and were set at Rs180–Rs185 per kg. The price per kg is between Rs220 and Rs240. The price of pumpkin was reduced by Rs85 per kg and set at Rs65–Rs68 per kg. Still, it is priced between Rs80 and Rs100 per kg.

Originally priced at Rs75–Rs80 per kg, tomato A-grade is selling for Rs120–Rs140 per kg.