Ever wondered how world leaders treat each other?

Well, we recently got a glimpse of Russia’s ‘Ice-cream Diplomacy’ when Russian President Vladimir Putin bought Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan an ice-cream cone at the Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS 2019). How cool.

After getting the ice-cream, Erdogan asked Putin: “Will you pay for me too?”


To which the Russian President responded: “Yes, of course I’ll pay. After all, you are our guest.”

President Putin then paid 210 rubles ($3.20) for the ice-cream. He gave the ice-cream vendor a 5,000 ruble note and told his minister Denis Manturov to keep the change!

Earlier this summer, Russian President Putin gifted his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping a box of Russian ice-cream for his birthday. Apparently, the Chinese President loves Russian desserts.