PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari recently trended over social media after a slip of tongue during an Islamabad rally. The incident has sparked memes all over the internet as “Kaanpien Tang Rahi Hain” trends on Twitter.

bilawal bhutto

Recently, a video went viral of Bilawal in Islamabad. Bilawal was speaking at the rally in Islamabad on Tuesday night to mark the culmination of a 10-day Awami March. The PPP leader had a slip of the tongue that turned into a hilarious moment.

It is understandable for Karachi folks to feel a bit chilly when they visit Islamabad. Which is exactly what our PPP leader experienced. Trying his best to sound ‘intimidating’, he wanted to let his people know that the opposition is trembling by his presence.

What he actually meant was “Taangien Kaanp Rahi Hain” (Legs are shivering).

Actresses Saboor Aly and Fatima Effendi have taken hilarious digs at Bilawal’s slip of tongue on their official Instagram handles.