While opening up about her career trajectory in a recent interview, actor Saboor Aly said that she believes that she is the Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan of Pakistan.

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Saboor revealed that Khushhal is five years younger than her and being cast opposite him definitely felt like being Bollywood’s Khans who work with extremely younger leading ladies. Khushhal is a newcomer in the industry and he has just started his career. People loved watching his pairing with Saboor.

Saboor Aly Drops Shocking Pictures With Khushhal Khan, Leaves Fans in Awe

Earlier this month, the Fitrat star took to her Instagram stories to share her stance on a viral blooper video from the latest episode of her drama Mushkil.


Saboor also took a dig at the drama’s editor.

Recently social media users paused and screen-recorded a scene where Faraz (Khushhal Khan) is fighting with his brother while his wife Sameen (Saboor) is seen laughing in the frame, completely out of character. She snaps back to the character immediately but even the editing department couldn’t cut out the error.

The clip went viral immediately and then started a plethora of memes on the micro-blogging site. Exposing Saboor’s hilarious acting slip, a fan wrote that it was easily their “favourite” bit from the show. “My favourite bit from the entire show is these guys fighting for life and then the camera pans to Saboor and the girl is out of her character, laughing.”

Another netizen blamed the editing team for not being “paid enough” to see the slip-up.

Based on an estranged equation between three friends navigating through love and life, the Marina Khan directorial Mushkil has been a household favourite for various reasons with the top one being Saboor and Khushhal’s chemistry.