Pakistanis have vehemently reacted to a viral video which claims that their favourite desi snack, the humble samosa is, in fact, a very unhealthy thing to eat.

Dr Muhammad Affan Qaiser has made a video about the negative side effects of the fried potato delight. Terming the samosa an “atom bomb of 400 calories”, he said that the average caloric ratio of samosas is between 250-400. He also emphasised the fact that samosas are fried in poor quality oil. “Dada ne tail dala hota hai aur pota us mei se samosa nikaal reha hota hai. (That grandson of the man who poured that oil is still frying in it).”


The doctor also took exception to the fact that despite how unhealthy the samosa is, it is available in all high-end restaurants and universities.


After the video went viral, Pakistani samosa lovers didn’t hesitate to express their love for samosas. Here is a look at some of the tweets: