In a lengthy Instagram note in October 2020, Sana announced that she is quitting the entertainment industry to “serve humanity and follow the order of her creator.” She went through a tough time before that because of her split with choreographer Melvin Louis in 2019, who she also accused of cheating.

It was in November 2020 when she announced her marriage with Surat-based businessman Anas Saiyad. She has been living her life travelling to Maldives, visiting Haj and has also launched her clothing line, Haya by Sana Khan among other exciting things.

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Revealing why she left showbiz in the first place, Sana recently told Times Of India, “In my past life of course, I had everything, name, fame, money. I could do anything and everything that I wanted but one thing that was missing was peace in my heart. I was like everything but why am I not happy? It was very tough and there were days of depression, there were days when I would get God’s message, his signs.”


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What triggered her decision? Sana added, “In 2019, during Ramadan I still remember I used to see a grave in my dreams. I would see a burning, blazing grave and I could see myself in the grave. I just saw the empty grave, I saw myself. I felt this is the sign that God is giving me that if I don’t change, this is what my end is going to be. That got me a little anxious.”