Banks operating in Pakistan have been slapped with hefty fines from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) totaling Rs131.4 million as a result of enforcement action against infractions of its established policies.

According to the specifics, SBP fined JS Bank Limited Rs85.148 million, the highest sanction of the three banks, for breaking regulator guidelines regarding CDD/KYC, Asset Quality, FX, and General Banking Operations. Additionally, the central bank has recommended JS Bank Limited to improve its processes and controls in the areas that have been highlighted.

In addition, Habib Bank Limited was fined Rs29.035 million for disobeying regulatory directives regarding CDD/KYC. The bank has been urged to tighten its controls and procedures in the highlighted areas in addition to the punitive action.


Last but not least, the Bank of Punjab was additionally penalised Rs17.243 million for breaking regulatory guidelines relating to Asset Quality & CDD/KYC. Along with taking legal action, the bank has been urged to tighten its procedures and controls in the highlighted areas.

The SBP has previously imposed fines totaling more than Rs100 million on four banks for regulatory violations.

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Earlier, due to a breach of asset quality regulations, the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was fined Rs19.26 million. Additionally, U Microfinance Bank Limited which is owned by Ufone was fined Rs10.26 million and given the go-ahead to launch an internal investigation into any violations of regulatory directives as well as to discipline any indiscreet employees.

According to SBP, these actions are based on shortcomings in the observance of regulatory directives and do not reflect poorly on the businesses’ financial soundness.