With the coronavirus – declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation – spreading fast in Pakistan, the government has opted to shut down all schools, colleges and madrassas throughout the country till April 5 to control the spread of the virus.

Due to the closure of schools and colleges, the kids will have to stay at home to remain safe from the virus. The Current has listed a few exciting activities for the kids so that they can be more productive during these unexpected holidays.

Learning through YouTube channels

To make sure that your kids spend their holidays learning new things, what you can do is make technology their new friend. YouTube channels for kids, like Crash Course Kids, can be their new learning place. Other YouTube channels from where your kid can learn stuff are:


  • Science Channel
  • SciShow Kids
  • National  Geographic Kids
  • Free School
  • Geography Focus
  • TheBrainScoop
  • SciShow
  • Kids Learning Tube
  • Geeek Gurl Diaries
  • Mike Likes Science
  • Science Max
  • SoulPancake

Apart from YouTube channels there are many free learning websites available over the internet for your kids to learn including:






It goes without saying that you cannot force your kids to study or watch informational videos all the time, therefore we have also done our research for some fun indoor activities for your kids to keep them busy.

  • Board games
  • Tinkering/upcycling with household junk
  • Paper games
  • Musical Chairs
  • Puzzles

If your children are still bored after playing all the games and insist on going out, the first thing you need to do is to explain to them why they can’t be outside and then can take them on a virtual tour of the 12 famous museums around the world. To go on a virtual tour, visit the link below: