Weddings are serious business in Pakistan. From those getting married to those attending the wedding, everyone is equally involved in the events and happenings of the shaadi. The festivities can range from a few hours to a few days but no matter what, these five apps need to be in your phone at all times because they will help make your life easier.

Ride-hailing apps – Careem, Uber

This goes without saying. Having a ride-hailing app in your phone is an absolute must because you never know where you’ll end up getting stranded with no one to pick you. Despite all their issues, Careem and Uber are life-savers in a busy household.

Ghar Par

Sometimes going to the parlour is just not possible. Either there is too much happening at home or there is no car available. In situations like these, Ghar Par will be your saviour. Ghar Par offers all beauty services from waxing to manicures to blow-drys and hairdos. Save yourself the hassle and call a beautician home.



One thing is for sure – household help is extremely unreliable and in crisis situations, they are usually the first ones to bail – there are exceptions ofcourse. Nonetheless, whenever things get out of control and there is no one to clean the mess or do the laundry, book a helper from Mauqa.

Mauqa has trained staff and they charge by the hour.

Bank Account App

No matter which bank you use, keep your bank’s app downloaded on your phone so you’re able to transfer money in a second.

Food delivery apps – Foodpanda, Cheetay, Road Runner

Waisay toh all shaadi wala ghars have plenty of food available round the clock, there are times when the cravings get to you, especially at midnight, and you want to have your favourite junk food. In times like those, food delivery apps are perhaps your best saviour.