Actor Shaan Shahid while promoting his forthcoming film, Zarrar chatted over his career, controversies, and colleagues, exclusively with The Current.

On being asked about why he rejected the Bollywood film Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and Asin, Shaan said, “There are some differences between the two nations (India and Pakistan), so picking up a villain from Pakistan puts more pressure and limelight on that relationship. Unko Villain sirf yahan pe nazar aatay hain or heroes sirf wahan pe. (They only see villains in Pakistan and heroes in India.)

The veteran actor added, “Also, the geopolitical system, Both India and Pakistan have a lot of baggage of the past and in the present as well. I think whatever is happening in India with Muslims is heartbreaking. I believe as a person you start creating an opinion and you have a set of rules or morals or values that you would rather put before making a financial decision.”


Moving forward, we asked Shaan if he gets offered a remake or a sequel of his 2006 Punjabi blockbuster Majajan, then who would be his preferred leading ladies? The film was released on 24 March 2006, across Pakistan. Majajan celebrated its Diamond Jubilee (100 weeks) in Lahore’s cinemas.

The Khuda Kay Liye star excitedly revealed that he finds Mahira to be very good and would want her as one of the heroines, whereas he wants to rope in Mehwish Hayat as his other leading lady as he finds her to be stunning as well.

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On being quipped further, Shahid mentioned that he would like to see Mahira essaying Saima Khan’s character of a courtesan and Mehwish in Madiha Shah’s role.

Film’s synopsis

Majajan (2006) Lollywood Original Poster C –

Zil-e-Shah (Shaan), an unhappily married man who belongs to the Syed clan, falls in love with a courtesan, by the name of Taari (Saima) who arrives to perform in his village. His wife (Madiha Shah) and family condemn their relationship.

Biopic Woes

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahad Raza Mir

On being asked by the host Uzair Anwer that if a biopic gets made on him, which young actor would he want to essay him in the film? The veteran artist was given four options (Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahad Raza Mir, Bilal Abbas, and Imran Ashraf).

Watch his answer in the interview attached below:

The Majajan hero wasn’t too excited about these younger actors playing him in his biopic. He In fact hinted that it should be Shaan himself who should feature in a film based on him.

Shaan stated, “I think if they would have cast Sanjay Dutt in Sanju (2018), it would have been better. I personally feel that a biopic should be made on an actor when he passes away.”

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He added, “Jesa bhi kaam kartay hain, they are all good actors, and they’ll approach the character according to their own set of skills.”

Shahid concluded by saying, “Its a difficult question and I haven’t yet given it a thought.”