Former Pakistani cricket team captain Shahid Afridi was invited on Ahsan Khan’s talk show, Time Out with Ahsan khan along with singer Shehzad Roy. The sports star appealed the Mukhra singer that he should get TikTok banned for the betterment of the society.

Shahid highlighted that the app is being misused by civilians and can be accessed in regions of the country where the literacy rate is insufficient for the users to understand the importance of using the app correctly.

“You raise voice for everything, get TikTok banned as well,” Afridi asked the Ya Rabb singer.


In response to Afridi’s demand, Shehzad Roy asked why he wants the app to be banned.

“In most of our remote areas, WiFi reached before education,” the cricketer answered.

He added that there have been multiple incidents due to TikTok. The all-rounder also expressed his displeasure over the usage of mobile phone by kids and mentioned that his daughter got a phone after turning nineteen.