When it comes to cleaning the beach and making sure it is trash-free, Wasim Akram and Shaniera Akram are on the forefront. The two have endlessly campaigned and worked towards keeping the beach clean by mobilising the government, authorities and residents of the city.

However, this time Shaniera is heartbroken over the fact that no matter how many times they clean the beach, it becomes a mess again.

“Every six months, we make conscious efforts to get this place cleaned up,” wrote Shaniera in a post on social media post. “We work hard to ensure there is no plastic waste lying around and polluting our beaches. Yet, even after two days of a clean-up, there is even more plastic wastage than the last time.”



“Seeing this is heartbreaking, not only because our efforts are not showing any results but also because this plastic waste will be our downfall,” said Akram further, urging everyone to “protect the environment, recycle and reuse your plastic products, reduce your contribution to plastic waste.”

Later, in a tweet, Shaniera urged food giants of Pakistan to take making recyclable packaging for their products.

Last week, Shaniera penned a love letter for Karachi and expressed her love for the city by praising its resilience and diversity and comparing it to an eagle that looks into the eye without fright and remains devoted to where it belongs.