Australian-born philanthropist Shaniera Akram is making her film debut with ‘Money Back Guarentee’ which also stars her husband Wasim Akram and Fawad Khan as the main leads. The supporting cast of the movie include Ayesha Omar, Javed Sheikh, Gohar Rasheed among others.

Akram opened up about why she chose to act in the film, revealing that the director Faisal Qureshi had reached out to her and her husband with the script:

‘The director of the film reached out to me and Wasim about whether we would like to take part in his film, and then when he sent us the script, I found it to be incredibly funny and excellent. After that, we both agreed to take part in the project.”



Akram also talked about the kind of role she would be playing in ‘Money Back Guarentee’:

“I have a neutral character in this film. I play an American woman who, along with some other Americans, comes to Pakistan… I am not allowed to talk about my role in the film, but I had a lot of fun playing this part.”

Akram revealed that she loved acting and would like to do more films in the future, as well as write stories for Pakistani cinemas:

“I will definately keep on acting in the future because i loved this role, and I enjoy performing in front of the camera. I think i would love to play more challenging roles ahead. I would like to do more roles where speaking Urdu is a requirement, I have a really good memory so I can memorize dialogues and speak them in a better manner. I would need to take guidance from a coach as well…I would love to write a few stories, I have a few amazing ideas for Pakistani cinemas. But I would love to act in a role which would reflect my experience of staying in Pakistan, especially when I came to this country for the first time. I think this would be quite an interesting.”

Akram revealed she was nervous about how Pakistani audiences would respond to seeing her on the screen, adding:

“I’m not sure if Pakistani audiences would be willing to see me on television screens. I can only find out after they watch me in my first film.”

Listen to the complete interview below: