Shaniera Akram may have moved to Pakistan after she married cricket legend Wasim Akram, but she’s made a strong mark in the country, being a more responsible citizen than any of us. Shaniera is often seen working towards social causes be it for children, animals or for the environment. Shaniera has now used her voice to highlight the terrible condition of Karachi’s Clifton Beach.

Taking to social media, Shaniera posted several pictures and videos of the beach littered with medical waste, syringes, and vials of blood, calling on authorities to close down the beach for the public until it is safe.

“I have walked on Clifton beach every day for the last 4 years and I have never been scared until today. This beach needs to be shut down now,” Shaniera asserted.


Shaniera urged Karachiites to abstain from visiting and cleaning the beach since it is hazardous for the people.

Following Shaniera’s protest and outrage on Twitter, the Sindh Police took to social media to announce that the police have cordoned off the affected area and imposed Section 144.