Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will leave for a two-day visit to Turkiye on Thursday to convey his “heartfelt condolences” over the loss of life in the massive earthquake that struck the country on February 6.

The Foreign Office has confirmed in a press release that the Prime Minister will meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and offer condolences on the staggering loss of life on behalf of the Pakistani people.

He will also visit southern Turkey, which took the brunt of the damage of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and it’s massive aftershocks. The Premier is scheduled to meet earthquake survivors and the rescue and relief teams that Pakistan has sent to aid in the area.



On Thursday morning Shehbaz Sharif posted a message on Twitter, stating that he will convey a message of solidarity and support for the Turkish people. “True to the spirit of one nation living in two states, we consider their loss as ours.”

Continuing in another tweet, the Prime Minister wrote, “Natural disasters as the earthquake in Türkiye & Syria are beyond the capacity of any single government to handle. No country, howsoever resourceful, can deal with devastation of this magnitude. It is time the world came forward & extended support to the suffering humanity.”

The Pakistani government has already sent a 51-memver rescue team to Turkey along with relief goods.