Shoaib Akhtar again lands in controversy after mocking Kamran Akmal on live TV

After facing criticism over his remarks about Babar Azam, former speedster Shoaib Akhtar has again landed in controversy after mocking former wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal for his pronunciations. ‚ÄúSakreeen Nahi screen hota hai,” (It is called screen, not sakreen) Akhtar told Akmal on a live television show.

Akhtar, who holds the record for the fastest delivery in the history of cricket, has several times found himself being criticized for his remarks.
Earlier this week, Akhtar said about Babar Azam that to be a brand, he must speak well, adding that the batting superstar will not be a brand until he improves his spoken English. “Playing Cricket is one thing and handling media is another thing,” he said.
Social media users bashed him for the statement.


While offering an explanation of his comments, he said: “I did not intend to disparage Babar Azam but he needs to improve himself if he wants to be a big brand.”