Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Akhtar recalled his relationship with his mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day during an interview with Sportskeeda. Akhtar said that he was very close to her.

“After my retirement, I served my mother for 11 years as a driver. I used to drive a car for my mother for almost three hours every day,” said Akhtar, adding that he used to go with his mother wherever she wanted to go, regardless of being a star.

Shoaib said that Allah rewards those who sever their parents. “If you serve your parents as a servant, then Allah blesses you so much that you feel like the king of this world. If a person respects their parents, Allah makes sure to bestow that person with equal respect in the eyes of society and makes them successful.”



He said that it does not matter who your parents are, you should never take them for granted.

The fast bowler also said that many people say that he is famous in India because he says good things about them. “No, I don’t think bad or negatively about them [Indians]. This is the reason why Allah blesses me with respect.”