The global coronavirus pandemic has not only affected regular jobs but changed the landscape of freelance work as most Pakistani freelancers observe a decrease in demand amid COVID-19.

Freelancers form more than 100 countries, including Pakistan, have shared insights with a digital payment platform called Payoneer, saying that freelance work has dropped drastically.

The results of the survey show that businesses and companies have cut freelancing costs and halted new projects and contracts.


Payoneer’s report titled ‘Freelancing during COVID-19’, showed 64 per cent of Pakistani freelancers, 33 per cent of whom are graphic designers, said that the demand for work had dropped significantly.

15 per cent of freelancers said that the demand remained usual, while 18 per cent reported that demand for their services had increased.

Regarding the strength of team , 24 per cent Pakistani freelancers said they would maintain the same team or grow it while 9 per cent said they would cut down on team members.

In Pakistan, 82 per cent of freelancers said the demand will increase after COVID-19. However, they predict a more competitive landscape.

According to the survey, freelancers who work with international clients based in North America and Europe saw the highest slowdown in demand. Those with clients in Asia and Australia, saw less of a decrease in demand for freelance projects.

Globally, the report pointed out, freelancing rates, however, remained stable despite the slowdown.