It’s an undisputed fact that Pakistani dramas will never stop one-upping each other on who can make the most cringe worthy, mediocre version of the good-girl-saves-bad-boy-by-becoming-his-punch-bag trope. But another important element of Pakistani dramas remain unchallenged as being the best: the title songs. If a drama disappears from public attention because of churning out the same old stale storylines, their title songs will still remain evergreen and loved by the social media users.
After a lot of careful searching, here are some of our favourite title songs from Pakistani dramas!

1 Humsafar by Quratulain Baloch

No one can start an article about this topic without mentioning the song that kickstarted it all. Humsafar will remain a prominent element of pop culture discourse for creating the kind of chemistry between the main leads that no television show has been able to match to this day, but one can’t talk about the drama without acknowledging the grip this song had over the entire country. Even today, this song is considered as Baloch’s finest hit.


2 Ranjha Ranjha Kardi by the Justin Bibi’s and Rahma Ali

Fans of ‘Peechay Hutt’ should give this iconic song some justice and credit the prodigious sisters for making something that will forever remain among the best title songs for Pakistani dramas.

3 Mein Na Munh Kholi by Azad Asim and Shehroze Butt

This gorgeous, moving song was the title track for the drama ‘Habs’ and had captured the hearts of fans on Twitter as soon as it released. It reflects the anguish of a couple who are unable to express their true feelings to each other, despite being married.

4 Mujhay Apnay Jeenay Ka Haq Chahiye by Tahira Syed and Roshaneh Zafar Ft. Shabana Azmi 

Written for the drama ‘Akhri Station’ and penned by legendary Urdu poet and writer Amjad Islam Amjad, the powerful melody is an anthem for every woman out there struggling to find her own voice, and reflects the anguish of the main characters and their difficult backgrounds.

5 Dil Moom Ka Diya by Soch the band ft Sanam Marvi

Fans are obsessed with the band’s Coke Studio song ‘Neray Neray Vas’, but please do give this song the acclaim this deserves, as it is rarely mentioned as one of the best written title songs for Pakistani dramas.

6 Dobara by Sehar Gul Khan and Shuja Haider

Hadiqa Kiani’s powerful drama ‘Dobara’ about a woman who reclaims her life after the death of her controlling husband deserves an equally gripping song that captures the anguish and nervousness of the main characters and the stigma society has towards aging women, and this song does an excellent job at it.

7 Asamanon Se by Sohail Haider

Only real fans who stick with us till the end will be happy to see a timeless classic included in this list. The gorgeous period piece features stunning performances from actors like Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch, Saba Qamar and is still regarded as one of the best dramas produced in Pakistan.