Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has been criticised on social media after a video of him praising controversial actor Johnny Depp went viral. The ‘Rocky And Rani’ actor was honoured with ‘The Red Sea: Honoree Award’, and in his acceptance speech the actor chose to praise Johnny by calling him his “screen idol.”

“I want to go off-script for a moment here. One of my screen idols is in the house, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Johnny Depp. My good sir, I’ve followed your work since Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. What an honour to be receiving this in your presence. Thank you for everything that you’ve unknowingly taught me about the craft, sir. Master of transformation, versatility, something that inspired by you.”

Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard were embroiled in a public defamation case in 2022. The jury sided mostly with Depp, finding Heard guilty of defamation, penalising her for $10 million agile Depp was told to pay her $1 million.


X (formerly Twitter) users were outraged at Ranveer, mostly regarded as one of the non-toxic male leads in Bollywood, paying homage to a Depp.

“embarrassing..these celebs esp from bw don’t stand up for anything and when given a public platform they would commit atrocities like praising a straight up abuser. just accept ur award and leave like i am sure he doesn’t give a fuck. ranveer would ass-lick just abt anybody.”

“Powerful men side with each other and get hailed for low effort and unimpressive “acts of love”. Idealizing a rapist and abuser reflects a lot on you. It is easier to speak two lines praising your super rich and successful wife but hard to stand up for other women/survivors,” another user wrote.