Squid Game director, Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed that he is in discussion with the streaming site, Netflix for season 2 and season 3 of the web series.

Squid Game series trended number 1 worldwide in the year, 2021.

Hwang Dong Hyuk recently appeared on the Korea Broadcasting System, KBS programme, News Line where he opened up about the plans of releasing next season of web series. He said, “I’m currently in the midst of discussions with Netflix about Season 2 and Season 3 [of ‘Squid Game’].”


He further continued, “I think we’ll be reaching some sort of conclusion [to our discussions] soon.”

He added, “We know that many people are waiting, so everyone is working hard to prepare for the next season with a positive outlook.”

He also disclosed the main plotline of season 2 of the popular web series that the focus will be on the character of Seong Gi Hun who was played by Lee Jung Jae in Season 1. He (Seong Gi Hun) will unravel the mysteries of the organisation behind the game.

He also shared, “The overarching plotline of Season 2 will be the story of the people that Gi Hun meets and the people he chases after.”

Netflix also officially commented on the possible release of season 3 of Squid Game, “It’s true that we are discussing a wide variety of possibilities for ‘Squid Game,’ including the production of a Season 3, but nothing has yet been set in stone.”