Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (MoFS&R) Tariq Bashir Cheema on Wednesday advised people to stop eating chicken.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Cheema said that non genetically modified organisms (GMO) oilseeds would be imported into Pakistan from now on.
The minister continued by stating that since chicken is being fed diets produced from GMO oilseeds, people should cease eating it because it is unhealthy. He claimed that GMO soybeans are dangerous and might cause cancer and other ailments.

He also said that prior to 2015, GMO soybeans were not used in chicken feed. However, after that year, the poultry mafia allegedly levied tariffs on local soybeans, raising the price the commodity, while driving up imports. Cheema continued with the narration, revealing how the group began importing GMO soybean, making approximately Rs 2 billion against the import of the product worth Rs 1 billion. Imported soy products transmit disease and are bad for your health, he advised.