Pakistani singer Farasat Anees took to Instagram to call out Bollywood production company T-series for plagiarising his song ‘Biba’ for the soundtrack of an upcoming movie.
The song ‘Biba’ was originally written for the Pakistani Oscar-shortlisted film ‘Joyland’.
Anees also spoke to the Indian magazine The Print, where he revealed that the music corporation had not reached out to him for using his song:
A billion-dollar company like T-Series should be professional in its approach. They (the music directors) could have at least reached out to me or perhaps mailed me once before putting out the song. There was no communication from their end. Perhaps there could have been a counter-quote, and we could have made something together.”
Anees also said that he felt weird when he heard T-series’ ‘Biba’ and said the organization is known for plagiarising Pakistani songs:
“This is not the first time they have done something like this. They’ve earlier done this with Abrar’s song. If nothing else, this only motivates me that such a big label has copied my song and that makes me want to do better work further,” he said.
In his post, Anees shared clips of both songs to point out their similarity, and called the organization a ‘disgrace’.

“What a disgrace @tseries.official stealing out work because it has been trending in the world.

Me & my brothers @toshaayy@slicktrickk worked day & night to bring this song where it is. PLEASE HAVE SOME SHAME & stop ruining every good song from 🇵🇰


The love & respect indians 🇮🇳 showed to our version of Biba was massive. We will always be greatful for that. Also Supporting us on the comment section of this cheap copy of BIBA. Will always be thankful to listeners across the border! ♥️


Even if you wanted to reproduce the song, you should have done with original stuff. Clearly stole chords, intro, arrangements of our version. CLEAR THEFT!

Really hoping someone responsible take action from @tseries.official & I request all of our fans, friends & family to share this.”