The national squad for the T20 World Cup met premier Imran Khan at Prime Minister (PM) House.

The meeting started with the introduction of the national cricket team. PM Khan also gave cricket tips to the players and shared his experience as a sportsman with the players.

“The path to success is the path of truth and honesty, one way is of honour and the other is of wealth. You have to break the idol of wealth,” advised PM Khan.


“You have to play for the team and your nation. The eyes of the nation are on you and we want to see you succeed,” said the premier.

Prime Minister Imran with T20 World Cup squad

PM Khan reaffirmed that the Pakistani cricket team is extremely talented and the whole world recognises the talent of Pakistan.

“When you step on the field, play with confidence and a winning spirit, because a team which avoids defeats never really wins,” said PM Khan, adding, “Play aggressively, a team that plays with a defensive approach never wins.”

The prime minister said, “Be a strong and hard-working team. The entire nation is banking on you.”