A 15-year-old Indian boy spent more than 200,000 Indian rupees (INR) from his grandfather’s bank account on Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG). The boy reportedly used the money from his grandfather’s pension account on the game’s in-app purchases.

For the unacquainted, in PUBG you require something known as UC (Unknown Cash) to buy skins, crates, and other in-game items. UC can be bought through in-app purchases, a known feature within the game.

The matter came to light when the boy’s 65-year-old grandfather received a text message from his bank that only INR 275 was left in his account in May. He immediately filed a complaint at a police station, suspecting fraud.


A few months later, his complaint was transferred to the Cyber Cell Hub that traced the user of the funds back to the man’s grandson. The teenager had used the money for in-game purchases without even telling his grandfather.

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The amount had been transferred from the account to a Paytm wallet through OTP, which belongs to a 23-year-old man named Pankaj Kumar who confessed that his friend had been using the wallet. The friend turned out to the complainant’s grandson.

The boy told that he started playing the game only this January. He confessed that he used his grandfather’s pension for in-app purchases. He also confessed that he had deleted the OTP text messages from his grandfather’s phone.

No legal action was taken against the teenager as his grandfather decided not to proceed with the complaint.