Iqra Aziz has dedicated International Women’s Day to Neelo Begum, who passed away on January 30, 2021.

Sharing a monochrome photo of film star Shaan Shahid’s mother, the Suno Chanda actress said “Recently, we lost one of the strongest women the world has seen. A very fine actor, successful individual, an amazing wife and a wonderful mother.”

“Not only Shaan, but the whole country feels proud of her achievements,” she continued, adding: “Thankyou Neelo jee for inspiring us all.”


“I dedicate this International Women’s day to Neelo Begum and all the strong women working at home and out,” concluded Aziz.


Born Cynthia Alexander Fernandes to a Christian family in Sargodha’s Bhera town, Neelo began her career with the Hollywood film Bhowani Junction in 1956. She only was 12 years old at the time.

She adopted the name Abida Riaz after her marriage with director Riaz Shahid in 1965.

Some of Neelo’s most notable films include Zarqa, Do Rastey and Ghoonghat.