Aima Baig took to her Instagram account to write a love note for beau Shahbaz Shigri on his birthday.

Aima baig’s birthday note for Shahbaz Shigri read as “Halalalalalalala, thats what my thoughts are writing this, there is so much to say but honestly i cant find the right words to show all these memories we have built together.”

She continued, “Still thinking if it be cringy to write too much, but in all honesty there arent enough words to describe the type of person you are.”


“I have known you for quite a while now, and surprisingly i still cant think of a single drab moment with you dude, who needs comedy central when they have you in their life,” added Aima.

Aima further said, “I sorta dig all your dad jokes now, and dayum that jukebox of rejected Bollywood Lollywood songs that keeps playing in your head.”

“Never met a fellow more mellow than you, also lets reveal your true talent to the world today…that aussie accent imitation with a hint of british, is definitely an inspiring emulation.”

She further thanked Shigri for ‘coping’ up with her, “Thank you for turning me into a better person Shigri, and hats off to you for coping up with a person like me LOL! Lucky to have you.”

“Happy birthday Bubz Ilysm,” concluded Aima.

Aima posted some pictures and videos along with the birthday note.

The duo made things official last year with Shigri announcing the news on social media. In an Instagram post, he revealed that Aima is his “better half”. Sharing a picture of himself and the singer in Los Angeles, Shigri swooned over Baig’s smile adding that she is his “partner in crime, homie, companion and a whole bunch of other things which, if I began listing down, would turn up the cringe level to a million”.