Warning: spoilers

The series finale for ‘Never Have I Ever’ aired yesterday, bringing fans to a conclusion that divided opinions. Devi finally graduated high school, resolving the mystery about who is the man she will end up with.

The series revolved around a messy kid Devi, who navigates love, peer pressure from belonging to an Indian family, and deals with the death of her father.


From Season 1, there were two men in Devi’s life, Paxton Hall-Yoshida and Ben Gross. We were led through a four season long will-they-won’t-they as Devi made her way through misunderstandings, hurried confessions and miscommunication to now finally watching a grown and less-chaotic Devi who finally chooses…


How did we get to this conclusion? Devi and Ben got intimate in the last season after which, the two remain awkward, drifting off, but eventually ending back together as friends. Devi ends up getting in to the college of her dreams: Princeton, with Ben’s help.

While packing for college, Devi misses Ben, who is in New York for a law internship. However, during her friend Nirmala’s wedding, Ben shows up at the last minute, with both deciding to give their relationship a shot.

Needless to say, this outcome did not sit well with a lot of fans, who criticised creator Mindy Kailing for hyping mediocre looking white men, and routinely depicting brown women who indulge in self-critical commentary and consistently put down their own culture and heritage in the shows.

Many pointed out that Devi’s conclusion with Ben was another domino in the long line of Kailing’s female leads hyping bare-minimum men, and putting down south asian men for the sake of appealing to a white audience.

But other users felt that the conclusion was satisfying and were happy that Ben and Devi went from being enemies to close friends and finally falling in love with each other.

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